Consider this: Mask Wearing Reduces 60% Risk of Coronavirus Infection

The infectious rage of COVID-19 doesn’t seem to cease. So, the feasible solution turns out to prevent and coexist with this. Of several preventive public healthcare measures being practised ever since its outbreak, wearing the mask is supposed to be the most effective, feasible and affordable measure, which needs public attention and adaptation.
We are very close to our movement ‘Independence from Coronavirus Movement’ via “MASK is MUST” campaign. This campaign has started at the right time, which may be instrumental in breaking the infection chain and bringing behaviour change amongst the masses in the next six months.
“It is imperative to wear a mask as the COVID-19 virus enters the body through two main gateways — nose and mouth. And mask covers both. By wearing a mask one can prevent infection. If we speak loudly we discharge more virus in the air, but when we sneeze or cough, we discharge over 2 hundred million viruses, which increase the chances of more people getting infected”, Prof K Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) & Padma Awardee, says.
“Wearing mask protects you from getting infected from others and the vice-versa. These are the scientific reasons behind wearing a mask. Alone handwashing and mask-wearing reduces 60% chances of infection. Mask wearing campaign is a very much required initiative in this crucial time as such campaigns are supposed to bring behaviour change amongst masses”, adds Prof Reddy.
“Mask is quintessential to stay safe from any infection and especially from COVID-19 as this is the part of our culture. And our honorary PM has set a new paradigm of being the public health practitioner. Mask in some form or the other and handwashing has been the part of our ancient culture. ‘Mask is Must’ to fight the COVID-19 infection”, says Dr Chandrakant S Pandav, President, ICCIDD & Leading Global Health Expert.
“However, to stay integrated and healthy, we have to follow 3M’s — ‘Mantra Jaap’, ‘Meditation’ and ‘Music’. And I am thankful to our honourable PM for recognising the ancient wisdom of
Yoga and declaring 21st June as ‘World Yoga Day’. Mask plays a vital role in protecting you from infection. We should pledge to ‘Ask for Mask’ to bring behaviour change in our society, which is very important to fight this pandemic”, adds Dr Pandav.
“Masks have been used since antiquity for both ceremonial as well as practical purposes. In the pre-pandemic, the mask for me was just a normal thing to protect your face, but now, it has become essential. In ancient time it was used for ceremonial purposes, however, in 2020, it has turned out as a healer,” said, Prof Sheetal Vij, Premium Faculty Member, World Peace University, Pune.
Introducing a nationwide campaign ‘Mask is Must’ as a single point intervention to prevent the surge of COVID-19 and its undeterred rage in India, Dr Swadeep Srivastava, Founder, HEAL Foundation appealed the people to follow ‘Mask-Wearing’ religiously as it has certain benefits