India Immunity e-Summit-2020

  India Immunity e-Summit-2020 Covid-19 pandemic can increase malnutrition in Indian children by 10-20%: UNICEF Nutrition Chief   UP Govt is pumping INR 1200 crore to scale up the food supply chain, combat the nutrition crisis and to ensure nobody sleeps hungry in the state   COVID-19 has hardly...

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Wearing Mask; Getting Independence from COVID-19

Consider this: Mask Wearing Reduces 60% Risk of Coronavirus Infection The infectious rage of COVID-19 doesn’t seem to cease. So, the feasible solution turns out to prevent and coexist with this. Of several preventive public healthcare measures being practised ever since its outbreak, wearing the mask is supposed to be...

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MASK is MUST This Independence

On every Independence Day we take the pledge against something which implicitly or explicitly impacts our real freedom — like lack of education, rising corruption or malnutrition, but on this Independence Day we need to pledge ‘GETTING INDEPENDENCE FROM CORONAVIRUS’ because this is our greatest enemy now. And for...

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