It is interesting to note that Healthcare in India is a $160 billion industry where 74% of total spend is private. We trail in most global indicators: e.g., we have 1.3 beds per thousand as against global average of 2.6 and WHO guideline of 3.5; we have 1.7 trained doctors and nurses per thousand against WHO guideline of 2.5; we spend only 4% of our GDP on healthcare as against 5.7% for low and middle-income countries! Thus keeping these stats and figures in mind, there lies immense scope for CSR projects addressing the healthcare issues of the country

However, just like any other industry, the health industry is also marred with countless challenges thriving in various forms like lack of access to basic health care services, secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities. Not to mention the lack of health awareness, proper information, trained and unskilled manpower are few of the most burning issues facing India. Through our ‘Health’ initiatives and projects, we have tried to address these issues and more such thriving concerns of the country by conceptualising need based health projects, specialized health campaigns, awareness initiatives, vaccination camps and the likes.

Please find below a brief details of the Health Projects and Initiatives of Heal Foundation