In the COVID Times though there is Information Overflow and also a lot of facts are not presented properly or many times in order to sensationalize & make the Information attractive, the Facts are distorted & presented in a wrong way!

This is resulting in creating an atmosphere of Mistrust and thus a superficial ‘fear’ of COVID & its effects.

It is a proven fact that ‘Information Therapy’ is the most effective mode of prevention as well as managing a pandemic like COVID 19. There’s a lot of Information floating around which has also resulted in ‘over-load of information’ and created a ‘PANDEMIC of OVER-INFORMATION’. Hence, the People at large, the common citizens are facing the following challenges:

– Lack of clarity on Coronavirus Disease, its Impact, the Causes, Symptoms, the Govt. Protocols and the Safety as well as Fighting/ Preventing measures which are credible & authenticated.

– There’s also a lot of curiosity regarding the vaccines, the drugs which have been approved & People need to understand this better from the Experts and clarify their doubts and be better prepared.

– From time to time, there’s the addition of new concepts like ‘Herd Immunity’ as well as ‘continuous mutation’ of the Virus, etc. which leaves a common man concerned about Coronavirus, either confused or intrigued!

– So, today, when we have completed 100 Days of #covidindia and the world, has seen the COVID cases crossing 10 million mark and the Deaths due to COVID crossing Half a Million, every common citizen wants the following solutions:

  1. the source for correct/authenticated & verified information so that one doesn’t fall prey to sensational, unverified & wrong information that can be harmful
  2. the selected Experts who are experienced and authorised to provide that information, everyone wants to listen from them
  3. the fads (like on new diet, new therapies, new drugs, etc.) and the myths around the COVID resulting in unnecessary FEAR, everyone wants to clarify those and then use only the verified/ correct information for their use & benefits.

Hence, we thought of building such a credible Platform in the name of- HEAL-Thy Samvaad

which is two-way communication, run by & addressed by the most credible and reputed experts, both at National as well as International level.

Samvaad is ‘dialogue’ as well as your punching ground where you can post your queries through e-mail or our other YouTube, Facebook & Instagram channels, as well as join our Webinars and ask and clarify your queries directly from our Experts on Board.

Please keep watching our Episodes on varied relevant topics around COVID and other important Healthcare Issues (post-COVID) on every 1st & 3rd Thursday at 4.00 PM every month.

Let’s make it more useful by making it more participatory & by making it a two-way communication platform, a pious tool for a well-meaning & fruitful SAMVAAD.