HEAL Foundation is a not for profit organisation registered under Indian Trust Act. As a trust, we aim to engage key stakeholders of the healthcare industry in India with the mission of:

Nudging masses towards healthier practices by spreading awareness around relevant health issues Engaging and empowering stakeholders through capacity building so that they can guide the country towards better health practices Associating with medical bodies, associations, organisations and policy makers to help design policies which can improve health status of the country It is our belief that by changing health seeking behaviour of all individuals and making health a priority for everyone, India’s disease burden will decline and our health status shall improve leading to country’s growth at all levels.

India is yet to achieve its dream of a clean India despite the government’s ambitious programme of Swachh Bharat Mission. Access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, commonly referred to as WASH services is an issue for most of the underprivileged, those surrounded by amenities in urban and semi-urban areas encounter problems such as toilet related hygiene. The usual occurrence of a number of diseases by lack of hygiene is a cause of concern. Women and girls pay the heaviest price for poor sanitation and poor hygiene. Women in general struggle to keep hygiene due to a number of activities they are involved in during the day. Even in urban areas, lack of safe washing facilities in schools, offices and households etc. leads to poor health of women across segments – both working and non-working. Pregnant women are more vulnerable to such diseases. In urban areas, the other segment, children, are constantly threatened by health hazards as they get infected with a number of pathogens due to poor toilet hygiene. This ultimately affects the day-to-day life, productivity levels and the economy of households. Intestinal worm infections (hookworm, whipworm and roundworm) significantly impact children’s health. School age children have the highest infection prevalence of any group. Worm infections cause stunting and present a significant risk of anaemia in children.

Heal Foundation has over the years developed expertise in conceptualising and executing tailor made CSR projects in these health areas with special focus on:

  • Planning a holistic approach to water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Developing a CSR Strategy & assessing the needs of stakeholders
  • Planning and implementing CSR projects
  • Producing specific reports and white papers for sector knowledge

Board Members Details 


Mr Dhananjay Kumar


Ms Soni Sangwan

Member- Women Cell

Dr. Manjari Chandra

Member- Nutrition Council

Prof K G Suresh

Advisor - Communication Cell

Dr. Swadeep Srivastava

Founder Chairman

Mr. R Shankar


Mrs. Divya Srivastava


Dr. Chandrakant S Pandav

Chairman - Advisory Board